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Instrument Recommendations

There is a large variety of instruments out there. There are many places to purchase instruments. Don't be fooled.  What looks like a quality instrument, may actually be an “violin-shaped object”. VSO's are not instruments. They usually look too good to be true, because they are. The main source for VSO's are the Internet, catalogs, and large mass-merchants (whole-sale clubs, discount stores (where you can always find low prices, Always), etc.) Please DO NOT purchase VSO's. They ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE in any orchestral class. They will cause much more problems than they are worth. Please choose only well-respected brands, that are available through established local music stores. These instruments meet the specified requirements for quality and they can be serviced by the company from which you have purchased it.  There is much more to be said about quality, but there is limited space on this web page...

Check out this "parent's guide to VSO's"

Violin family instruments are things of beauty. However, beneath their beautiful look, there is quite a bit of science and mathematics that work together with precision to create the quality instruments necessary for students to be successful musicians.  Visit the Knilling website for more information on the science behind the beauty (visit the section on “The Violin Revealed”). 


New or Used?

New instruments are just that..new.  You know where they have been and what kind of shape they are in.  You can expect them to be in perfect condition when you purchase them.

Used instruments have many benefits, when compared to new ones.  They may, or may not be cheaper than a new one.  However, age and use are almost always beneficial to a wooden string instrument.  While they might not always be as "pretty" as a new one, don't overlook them.

Please contact Mr. Jamieson before purchasing an instrument, regardless of what you are considering purchasing.