Welcome to
Florence City School's

How can you help?

Thanks for asking!  There are many ways to assist the growth of the FCS Orchestra department. We are always finding new “growing pains” that are in need of attention:
  •   We are always on the lookout for new and good used instruments. 
  •   We are always looking to add to our music library. Music is expensive and adds up quickly when you are trying to build a library with music to cover varying ability levels.
  •   Repairs and maintenance are an ongoing expense that is unavoidable.
  •   There are always odd jobs to be done in the orchestra department. Money is not the only thing that can be donated. Very often, money is also spelled T-I-M-E.  Of course money is always welcomed.

What could we do with your donation?

 $50 can purchase an orchestral “score” (performance music)

  $300 can purchase a violin outfit

  $400 can purchase a viola outfit

  $1000 can purchase a 'cello outfit

  $1500 can purchase double bass outfit

  Any amount you choose can be used to purchase supplies or cover maintenance costs

Please make checks payable to Florence Orchestra,  mail checks to:

1201 Bradshaw Drive
Florence, AL 35630

Attn: Daniel Jamieson